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Has Lady Gaga Brought Back Dance Music

RadioClickMix | 2017-11-10

People in general seem to forget that Lady Gaga has surpassed being a “pop icon.” She is an original singer who has an amazing vocal and infectious beats. She keeps getting her new music out there and keeps promoting it, she’s always got something going on, never a dull moment. She sings like a pop artist should and her ‘freakiness’ is just something that makes her better.

Lady Gaga has really revolutionized pop music at the end of decade with her perfect timing and the Fame really brings disco-pop and yes, even electro pop to life. While Pink, Christina, Beyonce and company are releasing their albums and singles, Gaga has already cemented herself as not only one of the fastest emerging female artists in history, but also as a pop culture icon and one of the biggest favorites of disc jockeys.

She is a staple of pop culture continuing come up with new concepts. Gaga sings (live too!), dances, combines music and fashion, designs her own stage, plays an actual instrument (true musician), and most of all, actually writes her own material. Her strengths have produced a million wannabe’s that want to dance like Gaga or sing like Gaga. She’s such incredible entertainer that disc jockeys can’t wait to see what she gives next.

Gaga can tear the house down sitting on a stool with a mic in her hand or do a full out dance routine and knock others dead. What Alexander McQueen did for fashion, Gaga is doing to dance music. The most amazing with Lady Gaga is that she can change style, whether ballad or pop dance which makes her the new Queen Of Pop. Gaga will continue her career the same way Madonna has. She is a marketing machine for her amazing concerts and the disc jockey who need danceable hits to play.

One thing you all have to admit finally is that Lady Gaga really shook up Top 40 into liking electronic/dance music and abandoning the aggressive sounds of hip-hop in the early and mid 2000s.

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